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That first blog. That first step.

I am sitting in-front of my laptop wondering about me wanting to have a blog. I have been going through hundred of folders containing pictures of  me travelling different African countries . I eventually thought, maybe i should just start a blog and share my experiences. I have plenty of material and i can share my own insight to Africa.  I question myself and wonder about the following:

  • My English language skills. Am i confident enough to write good English and share with the rest of the world. It may not seem much but as a Swazi native, you do wonder about your English and if its up to standard.
  • Will i add anything of value, will it contribute to knowledge about Africa? Will people enjoy it? Then i remembered, this is about my personal experiences travelling across Africa. I should just tell my story as is and the puzzle will come together all in good time.

The blogs i will post are more about my experiences in South Africa, Lesotho, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Mozambique, Egypt, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Gambia, Rwanda, Senegal etc. Its about what i have experienced in my quest to conquer Africa. Strangely though i am yet to set foot in Europe. Or North America. Point is i have not been anywhere but Africa. My God of tourism has flatly denied me the chance to explore Europe. Why Europe? Because i find the continent fascinating. I am less eager on Asia, North or South America or even the Middle East. Australia is out of the question. Why?Because you can be killed by anything in Australia. Even a mosquito can kill you.

As this is the first blog, i will try to share content once or twice a week and hopefully keep you wanting more. As Swazis say, “Sitobona khona”…

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