One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish….

I was told some fish has high mercury content. I recall that in Madagascar and Malawi, i had to eat fish for almost two weeks, everyday. The obtaining theory is that beef or chicken is very expensive to access in both countries. Lake Malawi and the Indian ocean provide plenty of fish and natural sources of nutrients for Malawians and Malagasy people. I am from a landlocked country with no access to any ocean and we dont have any huge lake in my country, so sea food is a luxury. Apart from pan fried sea bass, im not that big on sea food.

In all honesty, I cannot stand the smell of wet oily fish that contains mercury in their bodies and smell like something unearthly when they are cut open. I also cannot stand the taste and appeal to crustaceans like crabs, lobsters, and shrimp, they’re all underwater bugs! It’s like eating spiders and centipedes for lunch yuck! Don’t get be started with shellfish like clams, oysters, and scallops, they look like boogers coming out of rocks. I also would not eat cephalopods like octopus and squids, they are just….ew! But then some countries really have only sea food mainly on their menus everywhere across the country. Malawi in particular as a poor country has to make do with all the resources they have. I understand the endless fish on their menus. But why eat the fish head? I almost died in Madagascar when i saw someone eating the head of the fish. I saw them digging in and feasting on the eyes of the fish. Even as i write it now, it makes me Gag.

Also you don’t even know what kind of raw spewage they have in the oceans considering that sewer pipes go the sea and that we leave countless mercury, medical diseases and garbage in the ocean that the animals there start to get contaminated with those things and then we ingest some of those hazards from eating wild caught animals. This is not an environmental or vegan rant, I enjoy eating meat and I recognize the health benefits of seafood such as Omega 3 and whatever, i just can’t stand the taste of anything from the sea! I get bothered when people give me a weird look when i stay i don’t eat seafood like i am a freak of nature but then it’s considered acceptable to acknowledge some people don’t like candy (seriously, who doesn’t like candy?). The bottom line is that I can’t stand seafood and people have to just accept it!

There is no way that you have tried “all” fish, im sure some of you are saying this as you read this blog. No matter how many you list, i bet you have not tried every single one! Its simply impossible. Sorry but you are still closed minded. But thats the thing, i would rather be hit with a hot rod iron than be made to try and explore sea food. I just cant, it smells horrible. There is this restaurant in Ezulwini in Eswatini where they served salmon and it my first time eating salmon. That was in 2013. It looked wonderful on the plate as a starter but ill be damned if i have to eat that AGAIN! Maybe it wasn’t well prepared. Im keeping my stance till im proven otherwise. NO Salmon until further notice. I have a really complicated relationship with FOOD whether it be meat, sea food etc.

Strange that i like MEAT and chicken but just cant stomach seeing an animal being killed. And for a black African person, that is supposed be like normal but i just cant. I have tried but its hard. I feel sad for the animal hence i try by all means not to be there when they slaughter an animal.

The idea is that if you travel, make sure you are well clued up on the diet of your final destination, the oil they use, how most likely they might prepare their food and whats common practice around preparing food. This helps in avoiding allergies and running stomachs. I dont know how many times i have been told that someone experienced a running stomach after eating something in a foreign country. Some running stomachs last for 2-3 days like mine.

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