Clappy Landing: Clapping Hands when a Plane lands

“Imagine you meet the love of your life and then find out they clap hands when planes land.” To me the display suggests a lack of sophistication that only serves to identify the infrequent fliers on board,” But thats a bit snobbish, arrogant but factual too. Only an infrequent flier would clap hands. Veterans who have millions of voyager miles just stand up and grab their belongings from the overheard compartments and rush to the exit causing a “traffic jam”.

Nomads who clap hands when a plane lands are notoriously found in long haul or international flights. Thats my working theory of course. Otherwise why would you clap hands from Sikhuphe International to OR Tambo International, a 40 minute flight unless you are applauding the pilot’s skill in getting nomads safely from point A to point B which sounds pointless as pilots are trained to do just that.

I am sure the Wright brothers can fully agree with me that clapping hands when a plane lands should be frowned upon. You know what? People make an issue out of everything these days. Who cares if someone claps when a plane lands. Is that really something to make a bid deal over? HELL YES. Do you clap your hands after successfully parking your car? Please do not ever do this! I will judge each and everyone who does this shit. I overheard a conversation once where by British people, Italians and Latinos were accused of clapping hands when a plane lands. Frankly speaking i have seen it once, on a flight to Lilongwe in Malawi and i assumed that it was excitement for returning home by proud nationalists from Malawi.

Anyone who has taken more than a handful of international flights has witnessed someone on the plane applauding once the plane’s wheels hit the tarmac. But there are few things that cause more disdain on a flight – even using the bathroom in your socks will attract less disgusted looks. So why do passengers applaud on landing? There are a number of psychological and cultural reasons which can be summed up in one sentence, GET OVER YOURSELF and let pilots do their work. I find it a bit insulting to the PILOTS because they are trained to handle the most extreme of circumstances. While i note that there is a huge snobbery around flying and air travel – everyone wants to make it look like they are Kim Kardashian and fly all the time, clapping hands when a plane lands is a NO-NO. JUST DONT!

“Applauding when the plane lands does make you look a little bit like it’s your first time in the air.” In a recent Quora thread, someone asked the question, What do airline pilots think of passengers who applaud after a landing?Multiple pilots stepped up to answer the question, but the response was unanimous, while you may have the best of intentions – don’t do it.Scott Kinder, a 737 Captain at a Major U.S. Airline for over 10 years said, “Don’t even think about it.”

I decided to come up with a list of nationalities that i assume are capable of this crime in no specific order:
Filipinos: because they actual do clap their hands when a plane lands.
British people: very well mannered nation hence id expect them to clap their hands when a plane lands.
Chinese people: Chinese people do the most bizarre extreme thing and act like its normal. Clapping hands when a plane lands is just something they’d do natural.
Afrikaners: It would not seem out of the ordinary for an Afrikaner to clap their hands when a plane lands. They believe in some messed up shit like Orania, Volkstaat etc. This would not be too far off from their strange beliefs.
– Last but not least Ryan Air, not necessarily a nationality but they do play jingles that applaud the plane landings. Thats just messed up!!!
I cant add LATINO people because i love them and wanna marry a LATINO!!!!

In conclusion, I think its stupid when people clap when the plane lands. I assume its because of the relief of being back on the ground but people I’ve asked say because it was a good landing. Truth is it cant be that as they have no idea what a good landing is. They cant see in front to see the approach, they don’t know if the pilot even took the correct approach plate, if he was on the glide-slope or not? What the descent rate was in feet per minute? And whether or not he landed on the correct runway markings. Only when you know all of the above, can you assess whether or not it was a good landing. DONT CLAP WHEN THE PLANE LANDS.

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