Indigenous Nomads of Modern Day Africa & Mysteries Across Africa



Nomadic people are communities who move from one place to another, rather than settling permanently in one location. Many cultures have traditionally been nomadic, but nomadic behavior is increasingly rare in industrialized countries. They move for a variety of reasons and seek greener pastures, pastoral lands and or because of wars. Modern nomads can also migrate due to stiffled conservative societies, autocractic leadership leaving no room for dissenting views blocking dialogue and freedom of expression, thought and or modern day views. As you move to new locations, travelling offers new perspective and interactions that mould your experiences and offer insight into how other societies exist. 

This blog is mainly about my travel experiences across Africa and the experiences i will share are based on my own personal interpretation of the continent varying from country to country. Africa can be a very unforgiving place from the deserts of Mali, to the Congo basin and its thick muddy forests to the war torn cities that have survived decades of voilence like DRC. But thats just Geography. 

A lot of people have poverty, wars, famine and ethnic genocides when they think of Africa. However there is another Africa beyond these subjects. The Africa of drunken escapades in dingy gentlemans clubs, malfunctioning toilets in airport terminals, strange unnamed foods in hotels, spicy foods in West Africa that have left many tourists with running stomachs. This blog is about that Africa. 

Africa has around 3000 tribes in all 54 countries with Zulu being the most dominant tribe in Africa. That means a lot of different cultures, traditional dances, history and civilisation and other social behaviours. Swazis are known for respect, Zulus for violence, Afrikaaners for impatience, Xhosas for love of money, San for the love of hunting, Shona people for the love of money, Shangaan people for being hard workers in any fields, Yoruba for prosperity, Massai for the love of nature and animals etc. This generalizations are based on individual personal experiences and maybe false or true. Travelling is about understanding those generalizations and more. Are Swazi people really respectfully or are they just a docile tribe with no tell tale signs of agressive behaviour. 

Travelling is an enriching experience and i believe you have to posess some level of nomadic instincts in you to want to travel a rugged continent like Africa. So, in the words of my alter ego, ” Lets get cracking baby” as i slash my whip!

Let me start blogging!





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